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Virtual Roadshow for DuPont NutriScholars Awards – Season 3 (Academic year 2020-2021)

Frequently asked questions

  • I want to form a team with my college/university batchmates, but we are now away from each other. Can we apply together as team?

    Students can form and apply as a team unless there is a proper plan to develop and experiment with the product prototype in Phase 2.

  • My friend/relative is from different college and course. Shall I team up with her to participate?

    Students from same college/institute can only participate as a team can have only one mentor. This is because access to the mentor will not be available for students from other colleges. The professors play a major role in mentoring the students also the winning team mentor will receive a certification from DuPont.

  • What is the role of mentor/faculty? What is the outcome of the NutriScholars awards for the faculty?

    Role of mentor/faculty is immense in the NutriScholars awards and their guidance is much important to the students from your institute. Mentors are appreciated by providing certificate for their contribution to the NutriScholars awards and advising their students.

  • How to apply for NutriScholars awards and how to submit the application?

    All the applications can be submitted only through online mode in the website – fill in online fields and upload requisite documents – documents and images

  • I want to form a team with a few undergraduates, masters and a PhD scholar. Can I?

    The teams can consist of individuals from different levels and courses. The only restriction is that you must be from the same institution and have a mentor from same institute.

  • We are a team of 5. Do each of us get INR 4,000?

    No. The experimental grant of INR 4,000 is for the full team. You must use it judiciously to develop your concept into a prototype. The final prize is also for the team, for you to split amongst yourselves.

  • Can I post/courier my application to you?

    Please do not courier. Use the online form to submit your application as well as to upload associated contents. Physical applications received will not be considered for the awards. In case we require any physical documentation, we will get in touch with you and request for it specifically.

  • Can this be considered as part of my college course work project

    This project is not part of any formal project work/lab experience program and neither DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences nor F1rst can certify your work as such. You cannot claim any course credits either.

  • I am a immediately passed out student. Can I participate?

    No, only students currently in the university/institute can only participate to access the mentor and technical guidance from academic institute.

  • Do we need to only use soy or pea protein or plant-based proteins?

    You can use high protein soy and pea ingredients from DuPont and also other plant and dairy based proteins based on your product concept.

  • What are the different food related fields that can participate in this competition?

    All food science, technology, agriculture, chemical, life science and intradisciplinary fields related to food can participate in this NutriScholars awards.

  • Where to find the DuPontTM Danisco© ingredient properties and functionality?

    We request you to send the shortlisted ingredients list (maximum of five) details through the query form –

  • How to proceed when we need the access of our university labs, due to the current situation our departments are not permitted for students’ access?

    Please make sure that you have the basic amenities to conduct the experiment at home or nearest facilities. Technical and experimental support will be provided for the shortlisted teams for the phase 2.

  • Since I had online class, I was unable to attend the webinar but had registered for the event, do you have the recording of the webinar?

    Live recording of the webinar

    Mysore University and South India
    NDRI and North India
    IIT Kharagpur and North-East India
    ICT Mumbai and West India
    NIFTEM and North India
    Pan India

    Note: The video recording link will ask for your first name, last name and email ID to view the video recordings.

  • We have received so many doubts and enquiries. How to get it clarified?

    Please try to read the handbook carefully and if still you need clarification regarding the competition or have technical or ingredient related queries, please write to us using the query form – and it will be addressed in due course of time.

In case, you have any query regarding DuPont NutriScholars Awards, please fill up the query form and the experts at DuPont will get back to you as soon as possible.